Shanghai Reijay kept operating throughout the pandemic

April 13, 2022
Latest company news about Shanghai Reijay kept operating throughout the pandemic

      Shanghai has been in a relentless battle against the surging tide of COVID-19 over the past few weeks. The metropolis has faced unprecedented challenges, with the case count surpassing a staggering hundred thousand mark within ten days. Amid this turmoil, stringent quarantine measures have brought many manufacturers to a standstill.


      However, one company has managed to defy the odds and continue its operations: Reijay.


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      "Government permits for vehicles and recent negative COVID test results for our personnel have become prerequisites for transporting Reijay's products," explained a determined driver. "We were among the first few companies permitted to deliver finished goods and raw materials in Shanghai. Interestingly, some of our competitors even sought our assistance for transportation."

      Reijay's ability to maintain its operations despite the grim circumstances has set it apart. All members of the factory workforce, including managers, have been residing in Reijay-provided dormitories since the early stages of the virus's spread. This proactive measure has not only shielded the workers from potential infection but has also ensured a consistent level of productivity within the constraints of government regulations.


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      "Since we moved into the dorms, there hasn't been a single case reported among us. The only noticeable difference has been the frequency of COVID tests, which we understand is a necessary precaution," shared a factory worker. "Yet, despite the challenges, we've found comfort in this setup. Our workplace is just a thirty-meter walk away, and the cafeteria is a mere ten meters from our dorms. The food is decent, and the reality is distinct from the sensationalism portrayed in the news."

      The company's commitment to resilience has gone beyond maintaining production levels. "Our responsibilities have expanded beyond daily manufacturing; we've implemented higher quality inspection standards," highlighted an insider. Despite the tumultuous situation, Reijay has upheld its promise of uninterrupted production, offering top-tier products and services to domestic and international clients.

      As Shanghai grapples with the pandemic, Reijay's story stands as a testament to determination, adaptability, and the power of strategic planning. This enterprise's ability to navigate the complexities of the current crisis while ensuring the safety and well-being of its employees serves as an inspiration to all. In a time when uncertainty prevails, Shanghai Reijay's unwavering commitment to its mission underscores the spirit of resilience that defines the city's ethos.